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I’m a DREAMer from N.J. – the stakes couldn’t be higher on Election Day | Opinion


New Jersey Democrats Ramp Up Efforts to Move State to the Left in Post-Christie Era

Sara Mora, an undocumented immigrant and recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, will be in Trenton Monday to lobby for the bill with other activists from Make The Road New Jersey. She has earned a college associate’s degree but recently turned down a chance to continue her education at Seton Hall University because she couldn’t afford the tuition. As an undocumented immigrant, she was ineligible for financial assistance from state tuition programs. This bill would change that policy.

“It’s not a hand-out,” said Mora, 21. “It’s not money regardless just because you’re a DACA recipient or undocumented. It’s just a fair chance at applying.”

VIDEO: Phil Murphy juramentó como nuevo gobernador de Nueva Jersey y prometió defender a los inmigrantes 

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Sara Leads the Pledge of Allegiance at the Inauguration of Governor Phil Murphy

Menendez Leads Rally to Protect DACA Program, DREAMers Under Threat by Trump Administration

“DACA’s future hangs in the balanceAnd while we don’t know if DACA will be revoked this afternoon, tomorrow or not at all, I am here for those families like my own whose food on the table depends on the future of my DACA,” said Sara Mora, DACA recipient who came to the US with her family when she was 4 years old from Costa Rica and is currently pursuing her degree in diplomacy at Seton Hall University. “If my DACA is revoked, I will be thrown into the deportation line along with 800,000 other young people throughout the country.”

Union County Honors Dreamer Sara Mora of Hillside on Role at Governor’s Inauguration


A Win and a Loss in Dreamers’ Fight for In-State Tuition

“It’s not a maybe, it’s a definite game changer,” said Sara Mora, a 21-year-old DACA recipient and immigrant-rights activist from New Jersey. “Being able to apply for and be considered for financial aid is the option everyone is looking for when you’re applying for school.” Mora graduated last May with an associate’s degree from Union County Community College. She was accepted to a four-year university to begin this fall with a scholarship that required full-time enrollment. “But I couldn’t even afford part-time, so I had to drop that offer,” Mora said.

Nancy Pelosi has held the U.S. House floor for over eight hours in support of DREAMers

Sara Mora, an organizer for Make the Road New Jersey and potential DREAM Act beneficiary [said]:

Just yesterday, faith and community leaders sat in Rep. Lance’s district office in Westfield, New Jersey and refused to leave until Lance publicly committed to a clean Dream Act. Clean means Trump’s current immigration framework is a nonstarter. Clean means fighting back against plans that will gut our family immigration system. While Trump continues to move the goal post, we need leadership to hold the line and vote with Dreamers and our families.

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Sara Mora, Dreamer
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