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New Jersey Democrats Ramp Up Efforts to Move State to the Left in Post-Christie Era

“It’s not a hand-out,” said Mora, 21. “It’s not money regardless just because you’re a DACA recipient or undocumented. It’s just a fair chance at applying.”

Menendez Leads Rally to Protect DACA Program, DREAMers Under Threat by Trump Administration

“DACA’s future hangs in the balanceAnd while we don’t know if DACA will be revoked this afternoon, tomorrow or not at all, I am here for those families like my own whose food on the table depends on the future of my DACA.”

Union County Honors Dreamer Sara Mora of Hillside on Role at Governor’s Inauguration

The Legacy of MLK Is Alive Today In These Young Activists
Feature by Youth Radio

Sara Mora, Dreamer
Interview by U.S Senator Cory Booker


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