The “prove them wrong” mantra

“Keep grinding. Someone you don’t even know is rooting for you, while someone you know isn’t”

Truth be told, we do have people rooting and people anticipating our fall.

However, picture what your life and others might be like if instead of that mentality, we were fueled into continuously hustling because we believed and walked in the purpose placed over our lives. What if we switched from a “prove your haters wrong” mentality to a 100% purpose driven one.

The focus of why we enjoyed success would change. Not to mention how much the intentions of our heart would change.

What if instead of spite and vengeance, our recipe for ultimate success and for incomparable motivation was PURPOSE.

What if because we were so hungry and on a search for purpose, we missed the negative talk, we skipped over the words that did not add to us.

Realistically, not everyone ignores their “haters” and so these mantras begin to motivate the heart of those with goals:

“the sweetest revenge is success”

“be happy in front of your haters it kills them”

“proving your haters wrong”

……then becoming a leading intention in people’s hearts instead of it simply being a consequence of success.

Ultimately your success does prove those who doubted you wrong but how much better would it be if that was not one of our main intentions.

We use the wanting to “show our haters” mentality as a fuel to success.

It is true there are those who root for us an those who root against us but if only we had our purpose clear in mind, we might, just might shift our energy and focus on that we are called to be more than the doubt then anyone might have had in us.

How could we fully and wholly focus on just growing ourselves if our energy is also invested in negative feelings like resentment?

If resentment is anchored onto our hearts how will purpose flow from our being?

So next time you feel anger fuel you to succeed, realize there are much greater feelings that can fuel you.

But better than feelings, remember that PURPOSE lies within you and that is more than enough to keep you fueled to accomplish your goals.

Proving anything to anyone is simply a consequence of dedication and determination.

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